Hosted IT Services

Helix provides a variety of hosted services, as well as private, public and hybrid cloud solutions.  Hosted services are an excellent way for business to reduce capital costs and lower their bottom line.

Hosted Services include Microsoft Exchange Email Accounts, Website hosting, Server Colocation, Managed Anti-Virus, Backup & Disaster Recovery, Hosted Phone Systems, Remote Management and Microsoft Office 365.

Cloud technology features high availability and can scale quickly to meet your business demands.  A major benefit is that you only pay for what you need, saving you lots of upfront spending.

If you are considering transitioning some or all of your IT to the cloud, contact us to speak to an expert who can guide you through this process.

Hosted & Cloud Solutions

Exchange Email

Business class email wherever you go. Keep your mail, contacts and calendar synced on every device.

Web Hosting

Do you have a website? Bundle your website hosting with our other services and save!

Server Colocation

Colocate your server in our Data Centre. We’ll provide complete management and maintenance.

Managed Anti-Virus

Protect your computer from the latest security threats. Our Anti-Virus service ensures you are covered.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Protect your business. Be prepared in the event of a disaster that you can quickly restore operations.

Hosted Phone Systems

A hassle free approach to your office phones. Get great features, save money, and be ready for the future.

Remote Management

Our Remote Management service is a popular tool from our Managed Services suite.

Microsoft Office 365

The standard in office productivity. Have your favorite Office apps installed and synced on all your devices

QuickBooks Hosting

Enjoy the benefits of having QuickBooks hosted. Easily provide remote access for multiple users. We ensure your data is protected, backed up, and always available

Contact us to see how Hosted IT Services can benefit you.